Have you ever added a piece of clothing to your wardrobe that’s so perfect you find yourself wearing it over and over? Be it the unbelievable price you scored, the color and print combination or the way it compliments your body and makes you ooze with confidence, you keep picking out that shirt or pair of jeans when you’re getting dressed. Well that’s the feeling I have with this exact shirt!

I bought this shirt for Coachella back in April and the feeling I get when I wear it is so uplifting, I’ve found myself wearing this top way too many times to keep track. I have to be completely transparent and confess that I wore this exact outfit for Easter brunch, Mother’s Day brunch and a recent family barbecue. What’s that infamous adage? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”—I think that phrase can apply to our wardrobe choices as well.

If you think I look good in this shirt then you should see me in a crown! ;)

x. Christopher

retrosuperfuture drew mama tortoise long beach art target goodfellow shrit asos pants downtown long beach target good fellow floral shirt downtown long beach Shirt — Goodfellow & Co. | Pants — ASOS | Shoes — Vans | Sunglasses — Retrosuperfuture