xo. Lee + Lani

xo. Lee + Lani

One of my most recent solo styling projects was for two very dear friends of mine who also happen to be the design duo behind one of the hottest swimwear lines you’ll ever find, Lee + Lani. These girls and their collection exude muthafuckin’ badass mixed with sex and topped with a dash of sugar! They are basically everything I’d want to be if I were a girl. Ok whom am I kidding? I still want to be them!

Both former fit/print models and FIDM alumni, Lisa-Marie and Alana (Lee + Lani) have drawn inspiration for their line from their world travels and favorite hot spots all over the country. Their latest collection for resort 2014 is absolutely FANFUCKINGTASTIC if I do say so myself. For their new look book and campaign images, I styled two concepts: Viva L +L and Nocturnal. The cherry on top? The design duo stepped in front of the camera themselves to model their designs for these new images.

Viva L + L was such a trip! Imagine you’re vacationing amongst all the countries of Central America and South America visiting all the spots that locals frequent but in the company of two scantily clad swimwear models. Styling this concept was exciting because I discovered many a place in Los Angeles that I had no idea existed until this project. It was also hilarious to hear passers by catcall to the girls in Spanish; luckily I speak Spanish fluently so I found myself translating the slurs to the rest of the team from time to time.






For the Nocturnal shoot we encompassed the ever popular, classic Americana idea of the wild and rowdy house party you throw in high school at your parents’ house while they’re out of town. Set in a picturesque home in the hills worthy of starring in an eighties brat pack movie, this setting was truly where the Lee + Lani party got down. The location was great because of the many idiosyncrasies found around the house: a pool with a water fountain hot tub, a fire pit, a cabana with a pool table, a secret projector room for a movie night (the walls were covered in velvet and I was convinced this doubled as a sex room), the list goes on! Amongst all these nooks and crannies the girls played with inflatable pool toys, water guns, hula-hoops and other cheap toys you find at your local ninety cents store.






The whole look book and campaign was shot by the amazingly talented Karla Ticas—another Los Angeles native that I look forward to working with again in the very near future. Check out her site for more eye candy that is sure to tease and please all of your senses! And girls, do yourselves a favor and head to the Lee + Lani website to pick out one of their new suits—the new collection is sure to sell out fast!

x. Christopher