This past weekend started off with a particular gloomy vibe that is out of the ordinary for the month of April in Los Angeles. For a split second it seemed as if we were in the dead middle of fall as we relished in a very rare episode of sweater weather. With the faded vibe outside, I thought it fitting to visit French artist Vincent Lamouroux’s latest art installation—Projection. Located at Silverlake’s old Bates Motel, the artist (along with a crew of painters) covered the old Sunset Boulevard landmark in “ecologically safe” limewash. Giving off a haunting energy with its white covered façade, Vincent intended for Projection to attract attention from the public while also disrupting the colorful palette of neighboring architecture and design on the popular street.

For those of you reading this and living in LA I highly suggest you take some time and explore this exhibit in person. The abandoned edifice and its new melancholy makeup portray a backdrop worthy of any horror film.

It sure is great to live in LA!

x. Christopher

Photography – Marisa Lorion

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What I Wore:

  • Tee – James Perse
  • Joggers – Zara
  • Jacket – Vera Largo
  • Shoes – Saint Laurent
  • Watch – Larsson & Jennings
  • Bracelet – Azlee
  • Ring – c/o Luv Aj

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