Ugly Sneaks

Ugly Sneaks

The ugly sneaker trend has been long around for quite some years now, longer than the Birkenstock/ugly sandal trend. At the heart of this niche for ugly sneakers, the one item basking in popularity and attention and a classic in American fashion is the New Balance sneaker. I’ve always turned away from this shoe thanks to a four-year distain for them that formed during my high school years. While attending an all boys catholic prep school I was succumbed to the tradition of a strict and vigorous dress code; since our options for wardrobe were limited many of my classmates made the New Balance sneaker the default choice of footwear—paired with ill fitting khakis and white polos (this heinous combo was seen mostly amongst my straight counterparts on campus).

Never one to disagree with what J. Crew deems on point my disdain for the New Balance sneaker quickly faded as I spotted the old friends while perusing my ever-growing collection of the brand’s catalogs. Thank you J. Crew for bringing me here…to this post where I have publicly and officially accepted my next fashion challenge—the New Balance sneaker. Having major OCD, I of course have spent countless hours Googling these shoes to find the best options and some great style inspo as well. Check out the eye candy and shop my favorites below!

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