If I had a dollar for every time I’ve worn some sort of tropical print shirt I’d be a millionaire by now! Just kidding. I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I could probably score myself the Celine tote that I’ve been eyeing. Linked here—just in case I have a secret admirer reading and he wants to buy me said bag. Thank you in advance!

Tropical shirts are my constant vibe—ALWAYS. I recently went to a girlfriend’s 30th birthday celebration that was tropical themed and being the attention loving whore that I am I felt very at ease and at home with this party. That was crucial in getting me out the door since I tend to stay in most of my nights, but this themed party gave me a reason to branch out and have something positive to report to my therapist—my going out and being social!

Anyway, I digress. Tropical print shirts (or Hawaiian if you will) have been associated with dad culture for the longest time. But pair your shirt up with some killer pieces and accessories and you have a sartorial moment worthy of a fashion week street style photograph!

If you tend to stray away from something loud and printed—don’t. Give it a try yourself!

x. Christopher

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black florals celine tortoise sunglassesamiri red sneakers new celine tortoise sunglassesShirt — Old Navy | Jeans — Frame | Shoes — Amiri | Bag — Dior | Sunglasses — Celine