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Growing up as a Los Angeles native, Christopher knew from a young age that he was destined to work in the fashion industry. Beginning his career at Showroom Seven in fashion PR, he later transferred his talents to a brief editorial stint at WhoWhatWear. His site is the culmination of his three most valuable strengths – styling, blogging and DJing.


Looking for an outlet to share his voice, Christopher began From Dusk To Palms where he reveals his fashion insights as well as style inspiration through his own outfits. He does it all with sass and his signature brand of crass humor, engaging his readers and making fashion funny so they continue coming back for more.


Christopher is currently based out of the LA/OC area where he serves as a contributing stylist and market editor for medias such as PopSugar, It’s Super Fashion, and ELLE while taking on freelance projects that range from look book styling to red carpet celebrity dressing.


More recently, he has landed a role as a contributing blogger for TimeOut Los Angeles, spreading his name and expanding his brand to a wider Angeleno audience.

Why From Dusk To Palms?

From Dusk To Palms refers to Christopher’s love of opulence and extravagant things. Things with a story, things with momentum, things that stand out from a crowd. From Dusk To Palms represents the two things that make our world go round: money and power.