Remember the Titans!

Remember the Titans!

A week ago I had the pleasure of attending a private invite only preview for one of my favorite jewelry lines, Vita Fede. Coincidentally the event took place on my 25th birthday…but more of that later. After a day of appointments and meetings for other upcoming projects, I found my rover heading downtown to a quaint red brick building neighboring the intersection just where the 101 freeway meets the 5. This multifunctional building serves several businesses—one of them being the headquarters for Vita Fede.

Upon entering the preview I was warmly welcomed by Hahna Lee, the in house PR coordinator for the brand as well as their representative from the HL Group, Bianca. After prematurely browsing some of the brand’s offerings for the upcoming SS14 season, I met the lovely designer and head of Vita Fede, Miss Cynthia Sakai herself. Chatting with her was a relaxing experience that gave off a sense of familiarity and solidarity. Aside from picking her brain at her fashion background and her design influences, we also bonded over being LA bred natives and growing up in almost the same circles when we attended our respective high schools.

Once the gabbing like schoolgirls was over, I proceeded to try on any single piece of Vita Fede that would fit my wrist. I expressed my long-standing desire to add a Titan bracelet to my stack (their most iconic bracelet) and both Cynthia and Hahna assisted me with picking the right choice to match my gold signature Nixon watch. I decided on a two tone Titan in silver and gunmetal after what seemed like an eternity of trying on countless options; I felt like a kid in a candy store! Cynthia was so warm enough to gift me the piece and it is a gesture that I will truly cherish forever and never take off…well only in the shower so that the finish doesn’t rust! 


The only thing I regret is not having my camera on me that day. Sadly the only method I had on me to take pictures at the preview was my iPhone. Lesson learned: a stylist who blogs must always have his handy dandy SLR in his car. You never know what grandeur you may encounter that must be photographed meticulously right away!

x. Christopher