Those of you who truly know me are no strangers to the fact that I consider myself a bit of a music snob. I’ve always been a music connoisseur as it played a huge part in my upbringing. For as long as I remember my dad has played the guitar, drums and harmonica; growing up I learned to play the guitar, drums and piano—fun fact for the day!

My passion for music is just something I was born with. I’ve never been one to listen to the radio really as I like to find my tunes via downloads, music blogs and secret shows from developing European artists (my personal favorite). However what kind of music connoisseur would I be if I didn’t allow my ear to get some exposure to the music played on repeat by the popular masses? Thankfully I’ve recently discovered this new app that makes listening to the radio more of a breeze—NextRadio.

NextRadio makes it so easy to listen to the radio via your phone. You can browse by genre and categorize into favorites and recently played and you can share artist and song details straight from the app to social media. Plus the app works with the FM receiver already in your phone so that means better battery life and less data usage. So sick right?

Check it out for yourselves!

x. Christopher