Alright y’all—it’s been a hot minute. Well actually more than a hot minute. It’s been MONTHS. But your boy has been busy with work and personal life things. 2020 has been quite the change for everyone, the change that nobody was expecting! As we’ve been under quarantine and working from home I’m sure we’ve ALL noticed a rise in tie dye clothing being used by some of our favorite influencers and close friends. For a second I felt compelled to tie dye a sweatshirt myself (given the extra time on my hands) but then quickly realized what a fiasco that task could become and not to mention what headache, mess and upset I may receive instead of a bad ass sweatshirt.

Fear not if you’re also looking to tap into the tie dye trend but don’t know where to start; I’ve done a simple and sweet roundup of some great options to buy online. Boys and girls there is something for everybody—happy shopping!

x. Christopher