Quick Shop – Star Wars

Star Wars mania has hit theaters as of yesterday and if you don’t have a ticket yet to see The Force Awakens well then good luck because most shows are sold out! Here’s hoping you don’t succumb to spoilers over the weekend. Being an avid Star Wars fan myself I purchased my tickets for a Thursday night IMAX 3D screening of the newest episode back in October and boy was it worth it. The movie was everything I could have hoped for and more.

To help get you into the Star Wars spirit I’ve put together a round up of some fun movie memorabilia for yourself or for the Star Wars fan in your life that needs a gift this holiday season. Some are quirky and some are practical. And if you’ve been following along my Instagram travels you’ll know that lately I’ve been rocking the R2-D2 luggage myself. No fucks given.

I don’t know what I’m going to do until episode VIII hits theaters in 2017. I guess rewatch all the current episodes until I get bored? But getting bored from Star Wars never happens!

x. Christopher