Summer is around the corner peeps and it’s become quite apparent that this year our summer will be unlike any other in the past. As the season changes and we approach the warm months of the year, many of us look to celebrate with drinks at the pool, sunbathing at the beach and relaxing on a tropical getaway. Though these activities will be slightly modified to be enjoyed from the comfort of our home, Bonobos is here to ensure you still partake in some fun and mimic the perfect summer vacation of your dreams!

To get you into the mood Bonobos has reissued six of their most popular in-house designed prints in the best-selling Riviera shirt—who doesn’t love a good throwback?! Don one of these shirts as the temperatures rise and you’ll instantly get whisked away to that escape you’ve desperately been craving. The vibrant colors in these shirts are just what you need in a time like this to lift the dreariest of moods and fill you with all the good vibes—quarantine is no match for you in these awesome prints!

You know I love a good print moment so adding this eye catching shirt with yellow lemons to my summer wardrobe was a no brainer, DUH! Plus, the minute we’re allowed to freely travel and explore once again you bet your sweet ass I’ll be packing this shirt with me on my next adventure!

Check out the shirts for yourself below and let’s get ready to take back our summer!

x. Christopher

bonobos yellow lemons riviera shirt bonobos yellow lemons riviera shirt