It’s no lie that I love anything whimsical with a touch of humor, i.e. this Chris Uphues mural or my Fendi monster tote. I’m sure you’ve seen the Fendi monsters and bugs everywhere. Everyone and anyone from the Kardashian/Jenner clan to Olivia Palermo and Cara Delevingne have the little friends in some sort of variation. Initially introduced solely in their women’s offerings, Fendi has been producing the style for men for some time now and when I discovered this tote on The Real Real, I knew I had to make it mine!

Since this little monster came into my hands I’ve used him everyday (that sounds weird) and on this particular day I thought what better shoes to pair the tote with than my 70s inspired floral print Saint Laurent sneakers? Another closet favorite of mine and you’d know this should you follow me on my Snapchat misadventures—I have the silhouette in three different colors/prints…I should be embarrassed by this statement but strangely I feel very proud.

Anyway if you think you would benefit from a new little monster friend, peep my picks below and add some whimsy in your life!

x. Christopher

feni monster tote black yellow eyes retrosuperfuture black gold sunglasses fendi monster tote saint laurent floral sneakers fendi monster retrosuperture sunglasses chris uphues LA mural fendi monster tote chris uphues muralTop – 7 Diamonds | Jeans – Zara | Sneakers – Saint Laurent | Sunglasses – Retrosuperfuture | Tote – Fendi