Whenever I find myself stressing and overwhelmed with work, I can always count on my mom to help ground me and offer me the advice to sit still and chill out for a while. Well on this particular day while trying to scout a good locale for this outfit, I literally sat down because I started getting bored and tired and to my surprise I stumbled across this vintage yet opulent backdrop that I became enamored with instantly.

I couldn’t help but imagine the stories this building would tell if it were able to talk because it had all the signs of an original inhabitant of early Los Angeles. Whenever I see a building like this that tickles my architectural fancy, one of the first things I do is try to peer through its doors and windows to see what hides in privacy—if you live here and you’re reading this please don’t call the cops on me!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but I’ve mildly begun my search for a new place. As I think about it more and more I find myself leaning towards the idea of living in a building with history where I can find inspiration in the old glamour and charisma of Los Angeles, and where hopefully my presence enriches the space with a good aura for the next tenant as well.

Stay sartorial!

x. Christopher

side profile j crew sweater sperry top sidergold cm larsson & jenningsblack amaretto sperry top siderj crew brown wool sweaterWhat I Wore:

  • Sweater – J. Crew
  • Jeans – Ezekiel
  • Shoes – Sperry Top-Sider
  • Watch – Larsson & Jennings

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