A while back a good friend of mine complimented my accessory game and told me he needed my help and “how to” when it came to MANccessories. I love a good accessory but I’ve come to the conclusion that many of my fellow males do not know how to pull off a well balanced MANccessory moment. That being said I decided to start a little series on MANccessories and the first topic to discuss is jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry I personally love a unified metal scheme BUT mixing metals has become more accepted and actually encouraged, it is no longer considered a fashion faux pas! If you have a statement making watch, I suggest you keep the bracelets to a minimal number or none at all. In my case, being that I have a slim and more discrete watch, I like to stack a bracelet or two on my watch hand but you can of course wear them on the opposite wrist if that’s more your look. Ring wise, it takes a certain silhouette and shape to pull off multiple rings. I’ve had my signet ring since my college years (being that it was a gradation gift) and it has always been my go to choice…obviously. I recently acquired my other gold ring from my friend’s line Azlee and it was a such a happy addition to my jewelry options. For the longest time I was toying around with the idea of adding a second option to accompany my signet ring and this sleek design compliments it perfectly. Added bonus? The white diamond because sparkle, duh.

Alright dudes, take this piece of advice and let’s see you step up your jewelry ammo. Be on the lookout for my next tip in this MANccessories series.

x. Christopher

larsson jennings gold miansai screw cuff azleeazlee ring gold signet ringWatch – Larsson & Jennings | Bracelet – Miansai | Ring – Azlee