So I recently read a great piece on WhoWhatWear about the return of Birkenstocks. In their words, “…once a wardrobe cornerstone of grunge dressers in the ‘90s and hippies in the ‘60s—they’re definitely in style again.” This led me to thinking: can men pull off the Birks as well? I’ve seen my fair share of the male species donning these shoes on several occasions, most notably when traveling in Europe or on the feet of the foreign exchange students back in my college days—see the connection?

My curiosities to answer this question lead me to furiously Google “men wearing Birkenstocks.” Well the results were astounding—I found way too many pictures of hipsters wearing Birkenstocks than I would like for my level of comfort. However among pages of this ironic wearing of the sandal, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio popped out at me as a true pioneer and leader of the Birks for Men group. Paired with a hideous pair of cargo shorts (an article of clothing that should be BANNED from the world), Leo has been seen hanging with the Birk everywhere from the beach to exiting Lanvin on Rode Drive, proving that these sandals are truly versatile; see photographic evidence that follows.



Though I believe Leonardo to be the secret spokesperson of man Birks for men everywhere, this is still not compelling enough for me to go out and drop about $120 bucks for a pair—these hippie sandals don’t come cheap! For better Birkenstock inspiration I came across this masterpiece below.


Ladies and gentleman I give you Ashley Olsen pulling off the Birkenstock the best way possible. Yes I know I’m supposed to be talking about Birkenstocks for men but truthfully seeing her wearing them as opposed to seeing Mr. DiCaprio compels me more to run out and buy a pair – sorry Leo, your heart will go on. Luckily the Birkenstock website offers a male version of her sandal as well.

I’m still on the fence about these shoes, but rest assured if I brave it out and decide to spare $120, I will give a full report on the blog.

x. Christopher