There’s no denying that traveling is a fun activity. No matter what the destination, being able to travel is a blessing. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (ceeriv27) then you’ll know that later today I’m embarking on a nice getaway to Thailand with my old man and senior sister. I’m not the biggest fan of flying, so please send all your positive vibes and prayers my way. Thanks!

Anyway, what is a trip without purchasing and packing some new things? In today’s post I’m highlighting some of my new favorite items that I’m taking along with me to Thailand. Some of them are a given of course but if you find yourself heading anywhere hot or tropical later this summer or year, this round up should help you make some stylish choices!

x. Christopher

  1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. Books on any trip are an automatic duh! I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this one but I’ve been too busy to start it and what better time than when I’m stuck in a plane for 15 hours right?
  2. Slide Sandals. Def going to wear these with socks on the flight for a Mary Kate and Ashley moment. If they can pull off the socks and slides look then I can too hopefully. Check these and these out!
  3. A clean and crisp yet breezy hat. The heat will probably be too much to handle and I’m sure I won’t want to walk around with product in my hair everyday.
  4. A fun passport wallet. I had to renew my passport for this trip so I thought why not splurge on a brand new passport wallet too? This one is from the Disney x Coach collection. It’s sold out but they still have a similar one available!
  5. Korean face masks. Everyone is obsessed with these because they’re great. I’ve packed several so I can either don one mid-flight or whenever I feel my face needs a recharge mid-trip. Try finding some at Ulta or any local beauty store really.
  6. New shades with character. These will block out the sun and the haters. Boom! Try options 1, 2 and 3 for some investment pieces.
  7. Some kicks with attitude. Thought I’ll probably be in sandals most of the time while in Thailand, a pair of brightly colored Supergas will be a great alternative for walking and when exposed feet isn’t exactly the safest option.
  8. Short swimshorts. In the past I’ve always gravitated to a swimsuit with some sort of tropical motif but the burgundy in these really attracted my eye for a more grown up sophisticated look…while my mighs (man thighs) hang out for the whole world to see.
  9. A wallet for your moneyssss and cards galorrrreeeeee and your ID and medical insurance card too in case of emergency. Why not keep the daily essentials in something that’s a conservation starter like this wallet? Here’s a fun one by an Australian based brand called Walart.
  10. Light and airy bandana. This is a quick way to accessorize any outfit and add a nice yet subtle finishing touch. Plus if you find yourself needing something to wipe your hands you can always toss this in the wash or run under the faucet later. This one was hand made by one of my best friends during her recent trip to Indonesia. In the mean time check out this easily available option from River Island!
  11. Face sunscreen. In case you don’t want to apply your body sunscreen on your face, try a more luxury alternative like this one from Profile by Rob Lowe, yes he makes skincare now! Usually body sunscreen is too heavy for the face but something like this will feel light and is much more easy to apply.
  12. Noise canceling headphones. I’ve been a fan of the Urbanears Zinken for the longest time. They’re compact and pack quite the punch plus they come in a variety of colors and won’t break your bank. This is my second pair. I use them for anything from a DJ gig to listening to music in the comfort of my room and also for a plane ride.