In exactly two months’ time I will turn thirty and begin a new chapter of my life. Though I’m quite excited to see what my thirties bring one thing I’m not so excited for is my skin to begin aging. I’m already contemplating Botox injections on my frown lines but other than that I’d like to keep my skin as natural looking as possible.

STEP IN…. Adsorb Beauty! The three-step regimen is changing the way we fight aging in our skin. Through intense research in Japan it was discovered that yolks in ostrich eggs contain a high natural concentration of antibodies—it is these antibodies that give the ostrich the best immune system of any living animal on the planet. Without harming the ostrich, yolks are then collected and processed before adding peptides and hydrators to create the anti-aging line that is Adsorb Beauty.

How cool is that? A truly all-natural age fighting product that comes from mother nature herself. And not only is it good for you it feels amazing on your skin too. The three-step process is so easy and takes no more than five minutes. I use mine at night before I head to bed. It’s a great way to show my face some love and care after exposing it to the harsh sun of California. Personally, my favorite is the Moist Essence Serum. Unlike most moisturizers, this one isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave you with a greasy oily feeling. It’s adsorbed into the skin immediately and I don’t have to worry about my dog licking it off my face! Another plus in my book!

Give it a shot! TRUST ME.

x. Christopher