When it comes to indulging in spirits I tend to keep my choices on the simple side. Whether I’m at dinner with friends or in the comfort of my home I can be spotted unwinding after a long week with a stiff old fashioned or full bodied glass of red wine.

I recently discovered Pavo Real’s red blend and I can honestly say that it is one of the best Mexican wines my taste buds have been so fortunate to sample. Coming from Hispanic origin I’m a sucker for anything with Spanish influences and I’m happy to say that Pavo Real did not disappoint. Every once in a while when I’m feeling spicy I like to give my red wine a spin and make sangria—a perfectly refreshing yet very strong drink for the summer!

My dad has always been known to make a mean sangria but when he’s not around my go to is a variation of the recipe found on Minimalist Baker. However, if you want your sangria to have an extra little kick I suggest you prepare the sangria the night before you plan to serve it and let it steep and refrigerate so that the fruit can ferment and soak up the alcohol overnight. The next day right before you are about to enjoy the sangria add a second bottle of red wine (Pavo Real being a great option, duh!) as well as ¼ cup to ½ cup more of brandy—depending on how strong you want it to taste. Before serving add some more apples and oranges for garnish and serve over ice. Yum!

With your sangria in hand it’s time to get the party started obviously. I gave you the perfect recipe to enjoy Pavo Real so of course I had to provide some perfect tunes for the occasion as well! Listen, download and enjoy my special summer mix I made for all you fine folk to jam out as you indulge in some light summer debauchery. Your ears will be happy you did!

Happy Summer!

x. Christopher