Coats ‘n’ Stuff

Coats ‘n’ Stuff

When it comes to men and their coats, I’ve notice an unfortunate trend—many of my fellow males chose to abandon style for warmth. Just because you want function does not mean that you should abandon any sort of personality or look when it comes to your winter outerwear. This post serves to remind you that you CAN have an awesome looking coat while staying bundled. Any disheveled old flannel or parkas you may have in your closet should be thrown out or burned immediately, please.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey I already knew that, I have some great looking outerwear in my closet already!” If you are, I’m sure you know at least one person—friend, colleague, family member, or significant other—who is probably in need of a coat intervention. If that is the case then point them to my curated selection below or even surprise them with a gift? There are options for every price point and any sort of winter condition you might find yourself in where you live.

But do act fast! A good number of these are on sale and you don’t want to miss that added bonus.

Stay warm guys!

x. Christopher