Can I Get That In a Wrap?

Can I Get That In a Wrap?

Unconventional leather separates have long been around for women. That’s cool and everything but I always wondered when the time would come for us boys to dive in the pool as well. Thankfully I don’t have to wait any longer because the masterminds behind Stikeleather, Ian Stikeleather and Lorry Plasterer, were apparently tapping into my fashion dreams all this time. On any other occasion I’d call this occurrence nothing short of a creeper’s ingenious but since their collection has won me over…I think I’ll let it slide.

Created in 2010 by Ian Stikeleather, the brand prides itself on offering men customizable options in an array of colors and materials with endless options. From a long sleeve corporate button up to the classic hooded sweatshirt, Ian and Lorry knew they were about to make a statement in the leather market for men’s wear. All those leather jackets, pants, and ass-less chaps can eat their heart out. One piece in particular that I can’t stop drooling over is the wrap shirt. Offered in a structured boxy silhouette the piece is a tasteful merge of glamour and street; the wrap shirt could easily be seen on Kanye West or Jay-Z as they rap about their loves and endless amount of wealth. It’s also a piece that you will be sure to spot on my Instagram and another upcoming post…wink wink Ian and Lorry!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.44.49 AM

To celebrate a soon to come re-launch of their site, Stikeleather is throwing a holiday party this Thursday hosted by my friend Tommy Lei of My Belonging with sounds provided by yours truly. Come downtown and enjoy a drink or two with the designers and watch me try to steal the piece I’ve been coveting from one of the mannequins in between songs I cue up.

x. Christopher