Bring Down the House

Bring Down the House

From the moment I began this blog I promised my readers that Gold & Guns would be a chance to discover fresh music, allowing them to relinquish the horrid stank of what is too popular and mainstream. Yeah fucking right will you ever find that on this site! I don’t think I would dissuade you from calling me a music snob because I’m always trying to be the first at a new artist’s concerts, festival appearances and secrets shows, jamming to his or her repertoire before it reaches the masses on iTunes.

That being said I decided to switch things up a bit and let you in on the next best thing in house music, Pseudonym Station. Stemming from San Diego and now living in Los Angeles, this ICON graduate not only produces his own hypnotizing beats but also acts as the mastering engineer for Drip Drop Records, an independent music label based out of Phoenix, Arizona that is soon to prove a worthy competition for the dance music industry leaders.

Aside from being a fan of this act myself I have also had the chance to collaborate with this rising talent on two tracks that I present to you today, “Toldyaso” and “Moxieonopolis.” A close friend, the mastermind behind Pseudonym Station has also acted as somewhat of a mentor to my growing interest in music production, making sure I have something to offer aside from any other party/club DJ. But don’t take my word for it. Read my Q & A down below for a short and sweet intro to music’s next big thing and make sure you also listen to both of these tracks. Then when your ears are left wanting more don’t worry because you are sure to find yourself lost in his impressive ammo of soul touching jams found on his Soundcloud.

x. Christopher

G&G: What inspired you to create music? Can you recall a specific moment when your mind clicked and you realized this is what you wanted to do in life?

PS: My cousin gave me a mix CD back in the day when I was much younger. I think it was a collection of all sorts of music, trance specifically. This was the first time I discovered dance music. From this point on, I always knew that I wanted to use my time on this planet to do something significant in that realm.

G&G: Describe your sound in one word.

PS: Life.

G&G: Name three of your favorite dance music artists at the moment who also serve as your influence and inspiration. Give each name along with one of their utmost best tracks that you think best represents their sound.

PS: Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold were my introduction to dance music.  I would also call them two of my biggest inspirations. At this point in time, their sounds have evolved and aren’t really a reflection of where I see my music at the moment, but they have definitely influenced my sound. Armin’s 76 is an album that I grew up listening to. Tracks such as “Burned With Desire”, “Yet Another Day” and “Communication” are all timeless classics in my eyes and some of my favorite records from Armin.  “Ready Steady Go”, “Starry Eyed Surprise” and any of Oakenfold’s older Fluoro-esque Trance releases are some of my favorite records from the legend himself.

I’m also very inspired by the sounds of Israeli producer Guy J. I honestly forgot how I discovered him, but his sound really resonated with me from the moment I first heard his music. His remix of Circulation’s “Turquoise” was the first time I heard his sound and I’ve been in love ever since. I admire him greatly. I would say his progressive sound has had the biggest influence on my music.

G&G: Where do you see dance music in five years?

PS: I hope that in five years dance music will continue to be a positive influence and affect people’s lives the way it has affected mine. I can vision new producers pushing boundaries, taking chances, and helping the community evolve. Over the next couple of years, I hope to see a lot of forward thinking ideas being brought to life in the scene and new talent surfacing and getting the recognition they deserve.

G&G: What would be your dream place to play a gig: famous city/nightclub, party or festival?

PS: I don’t really see my music catering to the festival circuit. If I were asked to play a festival, I would of course oblige, but I feel my sound is more suitable for the club environment. The club scene is more intimate and sexy, in my opinion, and I feel my sound would mesh well with that sort of energy.  Someday, I hope to be playing venues such as the iconic Warung Beach Club in Brazil, Ministry of Sound London, Fabric London, Cocoon, DC 10 Ibiza, and festivals such as the BPM Festival in Mexico, Creamfields…the list goes on!

G&G: If you could collaborate with one artist in the whole dance music realm who would it be and why.

PS: Guy J! All of his records and mixes leave me speechless. The production quality is pristine and his ideas are just so lush, full of life, and just all around inspiring to me.

G&G: Describe your thought process behind the names for “Toldyaso” and “Moxieonopolis.”

PS: The thought process behind naming my tracks is very…..strange, I suppose. I normally start to think of a fitting title for any project once I complete the arrangement.  There’s no deciding factor to the way I name my records; I just think of where I am in life at that very moment in time whilst creating a title that can relate to the mood and emotion that I aim to bring out in any given record.

“Moxieoniopolis” is one of the more upbeat records that I’ve released. It was hard to title this record. I thought about it for a while and finally decided that the record represents a busy and chaotic metropolis. I named that busy and chaotic metropolis Moxieoniopolis.

G&G: Where can we expect to see PS in 6 months to a year? What are some exciting projects you have coming up?

PS: Well, I’m not able to work on music as much as I’d like to seeing that I have other responsibilities to tend to at the moment, but I’m always trying to move forward creatively with Pseudonym Station when I have time. In 6 months to a year, I would like to continue to release a lot more original productions and develop my brand even more.  I’ve been dabbling in DJing as well, so I do plan on playing out within the next year hopefully.

I have one new original production that I’m currently working on.  I hope to have it mastered and released by the end of this month.  I’ve also been doing some work with a friend of mine lately.  I went down to his studio one night and was thoroughly surprised with the outcome! Expect to see a lot more work from him and I in the future.